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The Narcist has been working hard to land a new online destination by and for women!
We are on the important mission of encouraging conversations on topics that range from style and culture to politics and identity.

We’ve all had one (or many) of those deep, heartfelt, private, hour-long conversations with our best friends through DM’s, or WhatsApp, … Sooner or later the following thought pops up in your head: “we can’t be the only ones out there thinking this or struggling with that or seriously questioning this and that?”.


our platform

our goal

It is time to claim our space on the interwebz and fill it with (y)our voices. The Narcist aims to bring inclusive and genuine stories of things women care about. This way, we open up the conversation and put different views and experiences front and center. All from a place of openness and without any judgement.

kindest corner

What to expect?

The TN team shares and connects —
we believe voicing real stories and adventures redefines our reality and how we view our society. Just like the stories to be told, the TN content will manifest in many forms: from articles to events, videos, and even podcasts. We come to share, listen, learn and grow

kindest corner

the founder

The Narcist is a digital destination about building brave spaces for women — a subject of constant conversation throughout Sarah Dimani’s life.

  As a multi-disciplinary creative with a master’s degree in graphic design, she has nurtured her curiosity with different experiences, from developing storylines to designing visuals for various partners to creating one-of-a-kind content about fashion, mental health, and social issues for her own social media channels.

 After taking notes and working with countless talents in the business, Sarah decided to finally share all her insights and claim her space on the interwebz. And yes, you’re invited along the ride!

As a true conversationalist, Sarah is building on her almost decade of experience in communicating through her own social media platform with a following of 107 thousand. And now, ready to learn even more with a clean slate. Joining her journey means witnessing revealing conversations, deep dives into intimate issues, and many more. No filters, with Sarah it’s all about sharing the good stuff.

But make no mistake, this isn’t a one-woman show. The Narcist is an open stage that highlights and learns from all the creatives, sisters, writers, poets, moms, experts, painters, and wives, … who are defining a woman’s space on their own terms. Wanna join the conversation? Drop a Loveline at hello@thenarcist.com

The Narcist wants to elevate women to reach their full potential by focussing on healthy narcissism which embodies a mature form of
self-love, self-confidence, and self-acceptance.

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