Inclusive and genuine, 40 topics and 180 questions entered the chat – ranging from culture to identity. All-in order to elevate (y)our full potential. With a pocket of sisterhood and community love, this book comes with personal completion lists and bold statements to push us out of our comfort zone. Retrieve enlightenment and establish a relationship with the most important people in your life: you and yourself!


Career, motherhood or both?

During your twenties you’re supposed to make long hours, work hard and go after your goals. If being a mom is one of those goals, does that mean you have to quit the dream of achieving your career?

We spend a lot of time looking at ourselves #selfimage.

Our ‘’reality’’ isn’t so real anymore, so we are used to seeing ‘’perfection’’ all the time and thinking that that is our reality.

How do you imagine yourself growing old?

What if you come to a certain age when you can’t do everything by yourself no more?

Tips on how to deal with bullies in the workplace.

Growing up we might have been told to fight back twice as hard, but I don’t see that approach working out in our favour at work.

How social media influenced our beauty standard.

Do you realize how narcistic we’ve become and so busy judging what’s on the outside that we forget what matters most.

If you thought bullying was a primary school & playground issue, well it’s not!

This is a problem that is rarely discussed, despite it being a prevalent issue in many work environments, in various forms, and to various extents. It can be really obvious, so it is clear to all those witnessing, but it can also be very subtle, making you doubt whether it is actually bullying or just mean jokes and criticism.

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