We spend a lot of time looking at ourselves #selfimage.
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Our ‘’reality’’ isn’t so real anymore, so we are used to seeing ‘’perfection’’ all the time and thinking that that is our reality.

The selfie generation

We are the selfie generation. We are used to the front camera. That means we spend a lot of time looking at ourselves. The fact that Corona locked us up, we had even more time to sit on our socials and compare ourselves. How many of you feel insecure about something? And how many of you are using filters without even thinking about it? Our ‘’reality’’ isn’t so real anymore. So we are used to seeing ‘’perfection’’ all the time and believe this is reality. We stand in front of the mirror and we don’t do the silly dances anymore or just laugh at ourselves. No, we look into the mirror and see every imperfection that needs to be fixed. Our influencers are all online and all eyes are on them. We want to know everything. What make-up do they use, what their skincare routine is, what do they eat, how do they train, and more importantly what treatments are they doing? 

Behind the scenes

More people want to see ‘’the raw’’ version of an influencer. The more they share about how ‘’normal’’ they are, the more people realize they aren’t some superhuman. They are just like us with good lighting, a bunch of filters, and tons of makeup. Not all of them are the same, but you get the picture. So it’s really important that we, women keep talking openly about everything. It’s ok if you get under a knife to get something done. If that really makes you happy then just do you. Do you think it’s the responsibility of an influencer to be a role model for people and be open about plastic surgery and life behind the cameras?   

One filter a day

Filters are also easy to use if you feel bleh and just want to share something without having to put on a bunch of make-up or style your hair. It seems so innocent and harmless. The truth is you start to like seeing that version of yourself. You want to look like that forever! It even has a name: “Snapchat dysmorphia”. It becomes harmful when you get so used to seeing yourself with a filter, that you don’t like the ‘’natural’’ version of yourself anymore. You want that glow and that extra something all the time. That’s why beauty care is a billion-dollar industry. Filters have lowered the barrier to getting something done because we are using them on a daily base.  

An open book

Influencers and people, in general, are starting to open up about Botox, fillers, and facials. That’s a good thing because the taboo about plastic surgery isn’t there anymore. I’m in my late 20s and for now, I’m pretty confident in my body. But I can imagine that growing up with social media can make you really insecure. Not only that, it can make you feel like everyone is getting things done to be pretty, so you have to do that too. Girls of 15 years old look really old… I was a child compared to them. I didn’t use any type of makeup. In fact, I only started to use make-up around the age of 18. Now someone is getting Botox or fillers at the age of 19 like it’s the most normal thing to do.  

Is it an act of feminism that there is less taboo about plastic surgery? Or is it against it?  

The bigger, the better

Growing up I remember the buzz about J-Lo, Shakira, and Beyonce their booty. It was during a time when everyone was like Paris Hilton, just really skinny. You could really see that the beauty standard of just being skinny was changing. Curves were making a comeback. But instead of natural curves, it was all about the bigger the better. The same has happened to the beauty industry. I remember growing up, an adult had on average a pocket full of make-up, like only the basics. Nowadays, a 15-year-old girl has 3 or 4 drawers full of make-up. And that’s now ‘’the basics’’. Instead of having only mascara, now you have lash extensions/lash lifts. You can even use mascara on top of that to have a ‘’wow’’ effect. Or browlift for that ‘’natural wild look’’. You can add freckles to your face with a semi-permanent tattoo, to have that ‘’natural look’’. I’m pointing these out because it’s something that’s been so normalized in our society that it feels like we don’t know what natural is anymore.   

People are now getting plastic surgery with pictures of themselves instead of a celebrity for the first time. They want to feel more confident with a bit of help from Botox, fillers, nose jobs,… Isn’t that better than comparing yourself with someone else? Or are we becoming more narcissistic and taking self-care to another level?  When is self-care harmful? Is it wrong if it makes you feel confident?  


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